What’s wrong with STAX Coconut Creek poker? What isn’t?!

Coconut Creek service motto.

Wow, where do I start? Here, in no particular order, is what to expect if you play a tournament at the Seminole Coconut Creek Florida STAX poker venue:

No information about upcoming games, even biggish ones.

No one answers the phone. You’ll go to someone’s voicemail box.

Staff basically clueless. At a WPT event yesterday, my dealer offered me an add on and there are none at WPT events.

When I bought my ticket, they gave me one for the wrong day.

If you make a Day Two, no information posted. Obviously their tournament staff haven’t heard of this thing called the Internet or Twitter where most casinos post seat assignments, update, etc. And when you arrive there are 4 little sheets of paper posted on the wall where everyone is crowded around trying to see where they sit. I suggested that maybe next time they run two copies and post it on each side of the room.

No food, really ever, but definitely after midnight. There’s a deli but they only have one person taking orders, so during your ten minute break you must stand in line while people order burgers, etc., even if you just want a muffin out of the case. The manager said they were going as fast as they could, which is true, unless they took the bold step of hiring two people. This guy was standing right at the case with the muffin and I said, can’t you just hand me that muffin, I’ll give you $5 and we’re good, but no, had to get in the line. And when I did get up to the order person, she said she couldn’t reach the muffins. Well, can you get someone who can, I suggested, like maybe that guy just standing there. No can do, apparently their motto.

No info on the website about events. Go to the poker page and all you see is Best Poker Room in Florida.

I’m starting to think I imagined the 3 day event I played yesterday since there is no mention of it anywhere on this Internet gadget.