Biloxi bubble.

Just got home from a fun 3 days in Biloxi covering the WPT event for Poker Pro magazine. While there, I played two tournaments…Second Chance events that went on in the evenings during the WPT. The events started at 7 each evening, players got 200 chips, levels were 30 minutes and blinds started at 25/25. The event I played had 118 players and 10 spots paid.

I busted out 11th at around 2 a.m. I’m sure you all know how that feels. When we were down to 2 tables of 9 each, we voted to give the bubbler their money back. but the payouts were all good and worth fighting for. The prize pool was a little over $20K.

I was in pretty good chip position and there were several stacks at my table that were short. When the blinds were 800/1600 and I was in the bb, a very patient man (the only one at our table….tomorrow was the women’s event and lots of women there….more about that in a minute), went all in for 5,800. I folded my K10 (I know I should have called) and a very good woman at the table (the tournament director actually) said “How could you not call”. After that I had pocket sixes, raised UTG to 4,500 and the now more chipped up guy went all in again. This time, sorry I didn’t call last time, I called and was facing aces. Now I was the short stack and probably tilting.

In the small blind with only one limper and the big blind to get past, I raised all in with J8s…a dumb move, and the bb called with Q10 and I was gone while everyone else moved on to the final table.

I seem to be the bubble girl a lot these days and am trying to determine my mistake. I either think I’m too aggressive, or not aggressive in folding to short stack all ins. Playing the last two tables is a difficult situation because you’re still 9 handed so it isn’t short handed play, but the blinds are big in relation to the chips on the table, especially in an event that starts with 2,000. Any advice from readers on how to play at the last two tables in this type of situation is welcome.

Now about the women. Man, were they aggressive. Middle pairs were reraising UTG raisers. These aren’t the women I played last year at the Bike. They were crazy, some good, some just waiting to be gone, but different. I’d rather play men.

The Beau Rivage was great and I made up for my buyin on the other tournament in the cash games which were juicy and diverse. A good quick getaway for us Florida players.