Loving Twitter for WSOP.

This is the first year I’ve used Twitter to follow the WSOP and it’s been terrific. Basically it’s like customizing your own poker channel with your favorite reporters.  I follow some people to see how they think about poker (Jimmy Fricke, Tom Dwan, Justin Bonomo and Shane Schleger), some for what’s going on in Vegas and the poker lifestyle in general (taopauly and brokeliving.), and some for kicks (Doyle).  Aside from good poker minds, these guys are very funny and intelligent and make terrific observations. I even got the name of a good doctor. I’ll probably keep following them even after the event.

If you want to try this, look for players you like, then see if they tweet a lot (you don’t want someone who tweets once a week..you want someone really into keeping up). Then follow them, and if you don’t like what you see (i.e. I just drank Gatorade), unfollow.  You can add to your list by checking out the retweets of players you like. I’ve discovered some people I didn’t know that way.  And at some point, if you have a good feed, you can join the conversation.