Grinder charity event at Mardi Gras.

Made a last minute decision to try a charity event for the Hillel School sponsored by the Mizrachi’s being held at Mardi Gras.  Buy-in was $200 and it sounded like fun.  When I arrived, it looked pretty quiet, but as it turned out, the action for the moment was upstairs where a terrific buffet was underway.  After dinner, we all went downstairs to the poker room and chaos ensued.  There were 210 party-goers and poker just happened to be being played. Finally, everyone was seated. Well, kind of.


  • You can’t just sit anywhere and changing seats to be near friends isn’t cool.
  • Poker is a game where you act after the person on your right has acted.
  •  The $25 chips are still the green ones, just like when we started the game. They will remain so all night. The blacks are still $100.
  • A flush is not just when the two cards in your hand are suited
  • Posting blinds is not optional. We all do it twice in each round. You too.

I was ready to call it an evening before the first break when I started to chip up.  Like playing drunks, it’s hard to put people on a hand who don’t themselves know if they have one (everyone would turn over their hand and wait for the dealer to tell them if they won). And a nice lady who took your credit card earlier was nearby to give you a reload in case your hand wasn’t the best.  I did some math and think it was a very profitable event and I was pleased to be part of this successful fun effort.  I was also lucky enough to come in 3rd and actually, when it got down to about 4 tables, the remaining players pretty much knew what made a flush, including some Mizrachis.