What kind of player (and person) are you?

I played in a tournament last night and could have cashed but didn’t. There are several ways to look at why, which I find instructive.Here was the situation: Three tables left, one cashes, I have an average decent stack and the table is acting about how you’d expect given the situation. I’m UTG, blinds are 500/1000, and I have KJs. I raise to 3000 and it folds around to the big blind who thinks, then calls. The flop is Jxx, two diamonds. The BB goes all in (he had Q8d) and I call. He catches the flush on the river and I’m gone

The three ways to look at it, all of which tell you something about your playing style (and probably something about you as a person which is why I love poker).

1) How could that moron call me? (It’s the other player’s fault)

2) I’m so unlucky (Poor me)

3) What did I do wrong? (I immediately realized the play was to go all in pre-flop. I wouldn’t have been called and picked up the antes and blinds and we would have moved on…the blind wasn’t going to call with that hand…we were close in chips.)

I was so aggravated with myself to be in such a good position (i.e. almost down to one table, decent stack and nice hand to play with) and to have made that mistake in such an unforgiving game, but I was glad I accept that I’m generally responsible for what happens.