Hate it when I fold quads.

While I prefer MTT tournaments, decided to try some low stakes cash this long weekend just to brush up on whatever skill I have.  When I start playing in 2005 I played only cash, usually 2/5, and did pretty well with a 3:1 ratio of winning sessions.  Then once I cashed in a a tournament, I focused on those since there were no cash games yet in Florida and I had to go to AC or LV.  Played at Mardi Gras Saturday and Sunday.  Gulfstream is also close to me but I hate everything about it: the players, the floor, and the environment. No action at Dania. The Hard Rock is crazy on a holiday weekend, and I was too lazy to drive the short 20 minutes to the Isle where the action is good and the dealers can generally figure out a side pot.

On Saturday I was given the gift of quads (3 on the board, one in my hand), and bet my sole opponent out of the hand not thinking my single pocket card qualified for a high hand. I put him on a boat and thought he’d pay me off, but he folded and the pot didn’t meet the minimum $20 requirement for a payout. I’m not very tilty, but I don’t get quads much when there’s a liberal $500 high hand bonus, so I was pretty bummed.  The next day, there was only one 2/5 table going, and I took a 1/2. The table was super tight where I’d either lose a big pot or win a small one, and I was about to leave when the whole table changed….four people left and were replaced by my favorite type of players, one bully “buy the pot” older guy, one bully “bet pre, then shove the turn with anything” guy, and a calling station.  I decided to shove my first good hand with the small money I had left, then reload if that didn’t work out.  I shoved the button on the 7 high flop with A2 when I hit the deuce. Three limpers folded and one lady called with her 7.  I made a small rebuy and decided to wait for a good opportunity against one of the three action guys i.e. either good position, or a hand.  When my button pair of 77 hit a set on the A67 two suited card flop, I rr a $38 all in to $85 and the bully player said he’d gamble.  The turn made the flush which I could see he didn’t like, but the river 9 gave his 58 a straight.  I think I played it right, but had enough pain for the night.