Plugging leaks.

I think it’s beneficial to have goals in poker, no matter how good you are.

 Here are some of mine and where I stand on them:

Stop bubbling! I’ve come a long way on this one. One of the reasons is that when I’d get chips early or mid-way in a game, I’d tend to guard them, ending up at later stages very short and having to gamble.  I’m putting my chips in action sooner and frequently.  Consequently, I’ve been making lots of final tables, many in very big fields, between 200 and 1,600 in one case.

         Now my new goal is: Stop going out 10th i.e. first one out at final

Make more aggressive decisions. Some times this is as easy as listening to my instincts.  I frequently feel, based on running the hand back in my head, that I’m best at that moment yet I’d fold.  Now, rather than ask myself should I call or fold, I consider, should I raise.

-Don’t get sidetracked by annoying players.  People who used to annoy me, frequently into punishing them by giving them all my chips, are now barely on my radar.  While my notes used to include things like “idiot” or “asshole”, now they are more focused on “always raises button”, or “never continuation bets”.

In order to make one good decision at a time, I’m also plugging one leak at a time.  I’d be interested in hearing about your leaks and what you’ve done to fix them.