The last decision: chopping.

Played a $100 game at Dania last Tuesday night. There were 70 people so seven places paid. Dania recently changed their policy of paying out to ten players if there were over fifty entries which I think is good. It increases the payout and makes it somewhat more worthwhile to make it to the top 10%.

At around midnight, we were down to the final table.  (This was my 5th final in a row so I really wasn’t expecting it.)  It was pretty quickly agreed that we’d wait for a few of the short stacks to bust out before talking about any chop. The prize pool was around $5,600 as I recall. There was one pretty big chip leader (he kept falling asleep at this point), a few smallish stacks and around 3 mediums of which I was one.

It was suggested that we all take $800, but the chip leader wanted $1,000 or he was just going to sleep it out. It each player contributed $35 the additional $200 would be there to end the game. We were tired, the lights kept going out which felt a lot like closing time, there was one cash table going, but most importantly, it’s crazy to play down to the end at these high blind levels we were facing given the chips in play. I’m sure the pros would have chopped here, and everyone I’ve talked to who plays way more than I do says a chop is the only way to go. It’s bingo nw. We could just play our cards up and the best hand dealt wins.  The room for real poker has passed.

There was one hysterical woman who wouldn’t stop talking about the times she was on the bubble and no one paid her, so she didn’t even hear that we actually had a deal: one guy and me offered to give up $100 each to make the chop happen, and I had chips.  Finally, reason prevailed. But it reminded me of the problems with such amateur games. The tournament director was paying very little attention to the final table at all, ignoring requests for water.  Dania really needs to get its floor act in order to keep the steady players coming. There are plenty of good games now, and while the room at Dania is  nice (and I seem to be one of the only people who think so), I don’t think this amateur-hour is going to fly much longer without some professional attention.