Last day in Vegas.

Was in Vegas in May and stayed the Mirage, although I played mainly at Caesars, Venetian and Wynn. Man, if we had cash games like Vegas, my poker stats would look much better!

I played 5 cash sessions and didn’t leave one a loser. One of my most fun, although brief games was the day I left. I only had about 1.5 hr. to play and wasn’t sure if there would be any action at 10:30 but walked across to the Venetian. Got into a crazy game with some guys from Arizona who seemed to have been up all night and, I’m guessing, were leaving that day. They had lots of money out and didn’t hesitate to risk it. I doubled up twice and left feeling pretty good except for the having to leave part.

I met my husband at valet at the Mirage. Unfortunately, I missed one really small step and….see the photo above. My husband was doubtful about our ability to leave, but once I saw that I could stand, I was determined. After a wheelchair ride at the airport, on our way.

Mirage was very nice, and followed up to see how I felt after falling on a step “clearly marked in yellow, well lit and unobstructed.” All in all, a great trip. Can’t wait to do it again, minus the fall part. Until there are real cash games in Florida i.e. ones where you can put up more than $100, I still refuse to play here.