A story told by liars.

Since the no limit cash games in Florida have been uncapped, I’m back at the tables.  One of the never-ending fascinations of no limit is that it’s a four chapter story told by bet size, frequently by liars. Your task becomes not only interpreting what the bet means, but whether the bettor is telling the truth. Are we facing an honest person, a liar, or maybe a idiot? I think about 5 years ago, in cash games bets  generally meant what they appeared to mean. But that’s no longer true. What makes the game (tournament or cash) even more fascinating is the ever-changing nature of the table.  I played for five hours at a cash game at the Hard Rock yesterday, and we had three totally different tables with extremely different styles. Noticing this quickly and adapting accordingly is an ongoing challenge. Also contributing to the constantly changing environment is stack sizes.  Once I think deeply about a session, I always wish I could replay it, but that can never happen since nothing will ever be the same. How cool is that!