What’s up with run of cashes.

I’ve had an unusual percentage of  tournament cashes lately, most recently 6th at the Hard Rock’s 25k Guarantee Friday game (210 players).  Could it be that poker is actually a game of skill!?  I don’t think it’s just that I happen to be getting better cards, or that I’m on a lucky streak. I think it’s that I’m playing better.  At the end of the year, I listed all of my leaks and vowed to fix them one at a time, and I think it’s paying off. Generally when I leave a game, I can think of many things I did wrong, and usually it was in the hand just before the hand that knocked me out.  This time, I really think I played optimally, that is to the best of my current ability. Over the course of our poker lives, I think we all have a similar distribution of good and bad cards, lucky suckouts and bad beats.  It’s how we play them, and I’m seeing that pay off in 7 cashes in the past month.

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