Small cash at Hard Rock tournament.

I think my 4 handed online addiction on Stars is paying off. In that game since you’re always the small or big blind, the gun or the button, you learn a lot about each position and also get lots of action. Most hands are pretty playable 4 handed so you have lots of opportunities to make mistakes and capitalize on opportunities. I definitely think my hand-reading skills have improved, although it’s weird how even when you’re pretty sure what someone has, you can still make a bad play. That’s a leak I’m working on.

For some reason, the weakest floor person at the Hard Rock seems to be the one in charge of the final table during these guaranteed games. After you’ve played eight or nine hours to make a final, you want someone who can run the game competently and who can be at the minimum, pleasant.  During a table move I lost a 5K chip. I went back to my old table and everyone helped look for it, and I brought it to the attention of the person running the last tables, but finally gave up.  In about 10 minutes, everyone from my old table was shouting…..”we found your chip, it was under the whatever”, and the TD got it but said she couldn’t give it to me. Needless to say, craziness ensued.  Finally she threw the chip on the table at my new spot, and I think I forgot to say “thank you”.

With cash games on the way, I hope the rooms here improve by educating their dealers on the right and consistent policies, and by having staff who can professionally run the games. And a little of the Vegas customer service wouldn’t hurt.

Coming in 12th out of 159 (17 paid due to the guarantee), wasn’t what I hoped for after 8 hours.

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