Hard Rock cash.

This is always a great game and was even better on the 15th because the levels were 30 minutes,  instead of the usual 20 minutes. Also, lately tournaments have been run better with more oversight and rule enforcement which was much needed. That said, this particular game was a bit out of control by my standards.  Too much running around and people not in the game getting involved, etc.  I especially wished when it got down to the final, that a better floor person was there (when it’s Nick, he watches the final table which I think is great). Scot and Richard stay pretty on top of things too, but they weren’t there at the end. Also, at this final, we had one of the worst dealers which does make a difference. The Hard Rock has so many terrific dealers with a few duds, so that kind of sucked.

The game started on two floors, then moved upstairs, and finally to the small upstairs room with 3 tables…then down to one!  I had around 270,000 in chips which was very competitive and at many times during the last three tables, was the chip leader at my table.  Boy, things change so fast at a final table.

For example:

-suddenly you’re with all the big stacks, and in this case some really good players

-people are getting knocked out, so just when the blinds are huge compared to your stack, you’re somewhat short-handed and in the blinds more often.

I really had my eye on spots 1,2 or 3 which basically means part of a good chop, but was sick to be knocked out 8th.  Poker really is like race car driving, one miscalculation and you’re dead.  That analogy carries further  in that you’re always watching for a hole to race ahead  through.  Can’t wait to try again.

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